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Our purpose

To fundamentally change lives for the good by finding innovative ways to invest and create value. 

Our approach

At Värde, our approach is a combination of consistent investment principles linked with strong business disciplines, underpinned by a set of core values. We believe the purposeful melding of these elements is a key contributor to what distinguishes Värde. 


Integrity >

We seek to align our actions with our commitments.

Excellence >

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Collegiality >

We are one team working towards a common goal.

Innovation >

We look for unique ways to achieve returns and unlock value.

Humility >

We are outwardly humble while inwardly ambitious — we take our work seriously but not ourselves.

Investment principles

Market inefficiency >

We search opportunistically for complex situations in less efficient markets where our broad experience, our relentless attention to detail and our willingness to work through complexity drives results.

Discount to intrinsic value >

We seek to invest where situations allow a discounted price relative to the perceived value of the asset.

Flexibility  >

A key tenet of our strategy is a flexible investment approach — investing and allocating capital and resources across multiple segments and markets.  

Catalysts >

We focus on value drivers, the path to unlock value, and potential exit strategies.

Risk management >

We believe that a breadth of perspective across asset classes and markets enhances our ability to price risk and improves the overall construction of our portfolio and its performance across market cycles.

Business discipline

Integrated global platform >

We organize in a way that eschews traditional investing “silos” and believe that specialized skills, bundled together across disciplines, fueled by collaboration and idea sharing, drives better outcomes.

Quality people >

We deploy a rigorous hiring process, hiring only outstanding candidates by emphasizing employee cultural fit, intellectual horsepower and performance potential. We believe the enduring success of Värde depends on the development and empowerment of the next generation of leadership.

Strong relationships >

We know our business is only as strong as our relationships. We seek to build purposeful relationships with counterparties and partners through honesty, consistency and transparency.

Fundamental research >

We pursue detailed and rigorous analysis, fueled by in-depth research.

Alignment of interests >

We invest in our own ideas collectively as the largest investor in our funds. We remain a private partnership, fully owned by the firm’s partners with equity-based incentives shared across the senior team.

Our strategies

We invest across five segments, with multiple investment strategies supporting each segment:

Corporate and traded credit

This segment is comprised of investments in debt and equity instruments issued by corporate entities as well as government issued debt. 

Strategies may include:

  • Opportunistic trading
  • Capital structure arbitrage
  • Restructurings
  • Liquidations
  • Portfolio hedge
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Specialty finance

This segment is comprised of investments in assets related to a range of smaller balance commercial and consumer credits, including credit cards, auto loans and small business loans as well as direct investments in companies that originate and/or service those credits. 

Strategies may include:

  • Asset-backed securities
  • Specialty consumer finance
  • Specialty commercial finance
  • Private equity and platform investments
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Real estate

This segment is comprised of investments that arise from lending to commercial entities that develop or manage real property assets, investments in loans and securities that are secured by commercial real estate assets and direct investments in real estate assets or companies that are involved in developing property or originating commercial real estate loans.

Strategies may include:

  • NPL and REO portfolios
  • Residential & Multi-family
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Commercial mortgage-backed securities
  • Private equity and platform investments
  • Acquisition, development and construction finance
  • Single Assets
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Transportation, infrastructure and energy

This segment is comprised of investments in transportation, infrastructure and energy assets, including loans secured by assets associated with the transportation, infrastructure and energy sectors as well as direct investments in companies that operate in those sectors.  

Strategies may include:

  • Shipping
  • Aviation
  • Rolling stock
  • Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Private equity and platform investments
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This segment is comprised of investments in residential real estate mortgages, either directly or indirectly via securities that are backed by underlying residential real estate assets. This segment also includes direct investments in companies that originate and/or service residential mortgages.  
Strategies may include:

  • Residential mortgage-backed securities
  • Residential whole loans
  • Private equity and platform investments
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Our institutional infrastructure

As Värde Partners has grown, it has been purposeful in adding infrastructure to support its investment program. We have an investment professional group of over 90, including a Partner group of 16, along with a full component of business professionals.

Asset Management
Led by Andy Lenk, Partner and Global Head, Strategy and Value Creation

Business Development & Investor Relations
Led by Jon Fox, Partner and Global Head of Business Development and Investor Relations

Communications & Public Affairs
Led by Andrea Raphael, Global Head of Communications and Public Affairs

Human Resources
Led by Ksenia Anikina, Global Head of Human Resources

Legal, Compliance, Audit & Tax
Led by Dave Marple, Partner and General Counsel

Finance, Technology & Operations
Led by Brendan Albee, Chief Operating Officer

Our investors

Värde provides investment services to a wide array of investors from around the globe.

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Värde is privately held entirely by partners of the firm.