Värde Partners

Värde Partners is a leading global alternative investment adviser with roots in credit and distressed. At a fundamental level, Värde focuses on unlocking value – Värde means value in Swedish. The firm seeks opportunities in less efficient markets and pursues assets at a discount to their intrinsic or potential value, all with the focus of creating value for its investors and empowering the common good they seek. Investments span corporate and sovereign credit, restructurings, real estate, mortgages, private equity, and direct lending. The firm has invested more than $75 billion since its founding in 1993, and employs more than 300 professionals across 11 offices worldwide. Värde currently manages over $14 billion in assets on behalf of its investors around the world.

Global Reach

  • Minneapolis
  • New York
  • London
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Luxembourg
  • Madrid
  • Milan
  • Mumbai
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo

By the Numbers


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Värde Partners Story

Firm History Image

Värde Partners was founded in 1993 in Minnesota by three investment professionals: George Hicks (right), Marcia Page (center) and Greg McMillan (left). Pioneers in the nascent years of the alternative investment industry, each founder brought broad experience in financial markets and a shared set of values. Värde's early focus was on distressed assets and included investments across the liquidity spectrum from the very start. Over time, the firm extended its investing platform to a broader set of strategies and assets, all rooted in its deep credit heritage. The complexity of these opportunities demands commitment and discipline around a process honed over decades of practice and success. This investment philosophy is supported by the firm’s integrated platform, with an institutional operating model in place to maintain a flexible, adaptable organization.


Värde's strong culture has been one of the cornerstones of the firm's success and remains a critical focus of its leadership. In part to maintain this culture, Värde utilizes progressive and deliberate hiring practices including careful screening of candidates for skills and expertise. The firm fosters an open, ethical and collegial workplace, where each employee is valued and has opportunities for development and growth.

Core Purpose

Värde’s core purpose is to fundamentally change lives for the good by finding innovative ways to invest and create value.


  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Collegiality
  • Innovation
  • Humility


We are anchored in strong principles. We consistently align our actions with our commitments.


We hold ourselves and others to a high standard; we learn from mistakes and course correct quickly.


We are open and collegial with each other, and seek in all our actions, to make Värde a great place to work.


We experiment and unlock complexity with new ideas to create excess returns and enterprise value.


We are intellectually honest. We seek to listen and learn to achieve the best outcomes; we are ambitious without arrogance.