Värde Views: Credit Market Update

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April 27, 2021

Värde Partners today shares an update on the economic conditions affecting the investment landscape, the evolving opportunity set and the outlook for credit markets as Covid-related tail risks continue to diminish, and the path to a new normal begins to take shape.

Download Värde Views here featuring commentary from Värde Partners’ CIOs Ilfryn Carstairs, Giuseppe Naglieri and Brad Bauer.

About Värde Partners

Värde Partners is a leading global alternative investment firm with roots in credit and distressed. Founded in 1993, the firm has invested $80 billion since inception and manages $15 billion on behalf of a global investor base. The firm’s investments span corporate and traded credit, real estate and mortgages, private equity and direct lending. Värde employs more than 300 professionals worldwide with offices in Minneapolis, New York, London, Singapore and other cities in Asia and Europe. For more information, please visit www.Varde.com.